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This page includes information on:



-give impartial advice on consumer law and your rights
-suggest action you can take
-advise on civil court procedure
-investigate if the criminal law has been breached


-close businesses down
-automatically obtain a refund for you
-recommend businesses
-take action when the criminal law has not been broken
-tell you which businesses to avoid


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About Us

Introduction To Sefton Trading Standards

Trading Standards provides help and advice on the civil rights of consumers relating to goods or services purchased. The Service is available to:

  • Sefton residents who have bought goods or services in Sefton or elsewhere
  • Traders based in Sefton or large companies whose head office or manufacturing plant is in Sefton
  • Residents from other local authorities who have bought goods and services from traders in Sefton
  • We promote fair trading practices and enforce consumer law within Sefton as it relates to:
    • The fair provision of credit
    • Description of goods and services, including cars and holidays
    • Terms in Consumer contracts
    • Overcharging and misleading prices
    • The sale of fake or counterfeit goods
    • The use of Doorstep selling techniques

The main areas of work in which the Section is involved include:-

  • Metrology:- Weights and Measures legislation enforcement covering the accuracy of weighing and measuring equipment and the quantity content of goods sold.
  • Fair Trading:- Including legislation such as the Trade Descriptions Act to control descriptions of goods and services; Consumer Credit controls; and general consumer legislation to ensure fair trading.
  • Safety- Controls on the safety of consumer goods such as toys; electrical equipment; roadworthiness of motor vehicles etc.
  • Civil Advice:- Advice on consumer rights in relation to faulty or misdescribed goods or services.

The services provided by the Section in the above subject areas includes:-

  1. Inspections of trade premises to ensure weighing and measuring equipment is accurate; goods are correctly described or correct quantity; goods sold are safe.
  2. Advice to traders on consumer legislation issues.
  3. Verifications of weighing or measuring equipment, on request from traders.
  4. Investigations of complaints from members of the public about alleged breaches of consumer legislation.
  5. Periodic surveys to determine that goods or services offered in the Borough are accurately described and/or safe to use.

The Trading Standards Section aims to ensure that a fair and safe trading environment exists within the Borough to the benefit of Sefton Residents, Businesses and Consumers.

Service objectives

  1. Enforcement of legislation for which responsible in order to ensure that goods and services are safe and correctly described.
  2. To provide guidance and advice to local businesses in order to aid their compliance with legislation.
  3. To provide a high quality Civil Law advice service to residents and local businesses.
  4. To provide a Metrological Verification Service to businesses.
  5. To educate and inform the public regarding Trading Standards issues in order to protect them from harm or disadvantage, with specific targeting of areas or groups that have greatest need of such assistance.
  6. To make best use of available resources.
  7. To improve and further develop partnership working to advance other aims of the service.
  8. To continually strive for improvements in both service operation and provision that bring recognisable benefits to the public.
  9. To consult with relevant stakeholders and develop the service with their opinions in mind.
  10. Respond to all requests for service within 5 working days

Satisfied with our Service?

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Contacting Us

Trading Standards,
Highways & Public Protection,
Sefton Council,
Magdalen House,
30 Trinity Road,
Merseyside L20 3NJ.
Telephone: 0808 223 1133.
E. Mail:

Trading Standards, Highways & Public Protection, Sefton Council, Magdalen House, 30 Trinity Road, Bootle, Merseyside L20 3NJ. Telephone: 0808 223 1133. E. Mail: