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Sefton MBC Trading Standards welcomes your views and comments on our web site and issues affecting Trading Standards. Don't forget to fill in your name, email address and town on the form.

Trading Standards undertake a wide range of tasks to protect consumers and help businesses.

- Where do you think we should concentrate our resources?
- What do you think is most important?

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Normally, we can only assist traders and residents from Sefton MBC. However, we welcome comments and feedback from anyone, wherever you are.

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Place a number from 0-10 in the boxes below which represents your level of concern
A. Goods sold by temporary retailers in Sefton MBC such as street traders/open markets/car boot sales - possible counterfeit goods, unsafe electrical items, traders pretending to be private sellers (consumers have much less legal protection if the seller is not a trader)
B. Food composition and labelling - e.g. nutrition, sell by dates, genetically modified foods
C. Second hand car dealers in Sefton MBC
D. Timeshare presentations
E. Car repairs and servicing in Sefton MBC
F. Home improvements and repairs, e.g. builders, plumbers and electricians
G. Estate agents in Sefton MBC - descriptions of property, declarations of interest, disclosures of all offers
H. Travel agents/tour operators - claims in brochures and protection for advance payments
I. Electrical goods repairs including extended warranties and guarantees
J. Door to door sales people
K. Prize draws - particularly direct mail
L. Second hand sales - safety of goods, e.g. electrical items and furniture
M. Home working schemes
N. Other, please specify below


Current Activities Low
1. Fair Trading: Ensuring legally required information about goods and services is displayed and accurate
2. Fair Trading: Ensuring advertisements and other claims are not misleading (including information the trader does not have to give)
3. Food Contents and Labelling: Ensuring food contains the stated, legally required ingredients and quantities e.g. sausages must have 50% meat, and that maximum levels of contaminants and artificial additives are not exceeded
4. Product Safety: Safety of all consumer goods, e.g. electrical appliances, toys, flammability of materials in furnishings etc.
5. Vehicle Loads: Ensuring vehicles are not overloaded
6. Weights and Measures: Accuracy of equipment and machines weighing and dispensing measures, e.g. scales, spirit dispensers, petrol pumps
7. Sale of Goods with Minimum legal Age: Enforcing the sale of goods to people of the minimum legal age or older, e.g. tobacco, fireworks, videos solvents
8. Consumer Advice: Discussing and helping members of the public to resolve individual consumer problems
9. Consumer Education: Making consumers aware of their rights and responsibilities

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